Westward Ho! Part 4

This instalment of the blog is about the western Canada portion of our RV trip.  If you wish to start reading at the beginning of the journey, please click here.

Day 13 – Choteau, Montana to Sundre, Alberta

Choteau is relatively close to the Canadian border; about 90 miles.  Other than our RV repairs, we were well under our allowances.  The RV repairs could have been subject to duty and taxes; however, we were allowed an exemption as they were emergency repairs.

Back in Canada, we made a stop in Lethbridge to restock on groceries.

Ozzy Enjoying the View in Alberta

Then on to Sundre, Alberta to meet up with my nephew at the Westward Ho Campground for a few days.  Along with my nephew, there was his wife and 2 kids, his in-laws, and a few others.

Days 14 to 17 – Sundre, Alberta

Other than a quick trip into Sundre for a few necessities, we spent these days at the campground.  After having been on the road for 2 weeks, its was nice to take a time out.  Lazy mornings drinking coffee and Baileys and evenings by the campfire. 

All Set-up at Westward Ho Campground

One evening my nephew made us garbage can turkey for dinner.  For you adventurous souls, here are the basics.

•             Start by buying an aluminium garbage can and burning it over a fire (inside and out) to make sure all finish is removed.  My nephew had used his can several times already, so this step was already taken care of.

•             Have a fire going with a grate over it so you can get your charcoal briquettes burning well.  You will need a pound of briquettes for each pound of bird.

•             Mount a turkey on a rotisserie spit using the usual clamps.

•             Lay out a layer of heavy tinfoil on the ground under where you are going to put your garbage can.  This will make clean-up easier.

•             Stick the spit in the ground making sure it’s secure, and the turkey is about 6 to 8 inches above the ground.

•             Invert the garbage can over the bird.

•             Ring the garbage can with hot briquettes.  Add hot briquettes to the top of the can.

•             Wait 2 ¼ to 2 ½ hours, and you have a perfectly roasted turkey.

If you’re wondering about the fence (portable dog kennel) around the fire, that was to keep the young ones away from the heat.

Canada Day with my Great-Niece and Great-Nephew

Day 18 – Sundre, Alberta to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

It was another early start to our day.  Our route south through Alberta took us down Hwy 21.  We enjoyed this more than our Hwy 2 route when we went north to Sundre.  Hwy 21 is more scenic with rolling hills.

A Fun Prairie Farm

On Hwy 1, we went through Bassano, where we saw what is possibly the longest train I’ve ever seen.  My count was 102 cars, but I wouldn’t bet on my accuracy.

Train Near Bassano, Alberta

On our trip that day, I also saw the most “LCV” rigs that I’ve ever seen.  LCV are the long combination vehicles; a tractor pulling 2 full-size trailers.  We don’t see many of them in Ontario, but they seem pretty common in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Interesting to note that Alberta has a large number of pull off stops and roadside rest steps and Saskatchewan had considerably less.

Our stop for the night was Prairie Oasis Tourist Complex in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan which is right across the street from the tourist information which is home to “Mac”.  Mac, the world’s second largest moose, was without his antlers when we visited.  Mac used to be the biggest moose but has lost his title to a moose in Norway.  His antlers have been removed and are being retrofitted so that he can reclaim his title.

An Antlerless Mac, the Moose

I hope you enjoyed this portion of our trip. Check back soon for the final instalment of our trip.

Safe travels!


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