We’re Full-Time RVers!

Since my last blog, we have sold the house and moved full-time into our motorhome.  It has been a challenge at times but primarily due to the ever-changing COVID restrictions.

We rented a bin a few weeks before we left the house and did the final purge.  We thought we didn’t have that much left to get rid of, but we managed to fill the bin.  On a good note, our final sales of things from the house ended up at $5,500.

Getting Ready to Move

We made decisions to defer some things we thought we would do.  The biggest one was adding more solar power.  We are not sure how much boondocking we will do, so decided to wait out this expense for a bit.

In an earlier blog, I mentioned that we needed to arrange for an exemption for Ontario health care (OHIP) for the two years we plan to be out of the province.   Luckily, I seem either misread that, or the rules have changed.  We only need the exemption if we are leaving Canada for two years which we are not.

The plan has been to move the RV to a campground about 45 minutes from my office, but the restrictions did not allow the campgrounds to open for anyone other than seasonal campers.  So, we went with our backup plan and moved the RV to Al’s brother’s place near North Bay which is the home base for our travels.  And a fabulous home base it is – complete with 50-amp service, septic and water.

Our New Home Base (Drone picture by Joey Villeneuve)

The house closed, and Al retired on the same day. I still had three weeks to work, so I worked from our new home base while Al eased into retirement life. Easing into retirement life included doing some preventative maintenance on the RV and getting a cracked windshield replaced.

We had our first COVID vaccine shots before leaving the house but must wait for our second ones.  This was not a big deal for us, while we could not leave Ontario.  When Manitoba announced we could travel there two weeks after our second shots, that spurred us to action.  Second shots were booked, and campground reservations were either cancelled or changed to move us closer to the Manitoba border for the magic date.

Five weeks after moving into our temporary home, we were able to start our travels.  Keep reading my blogs to follow our travels.

Stay safe!


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  1. Congratulations to you both. Your retirement plan has been a long time in the making. Travel Safe and travel Happy. H & K.

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