Lake Atitlan, Guatamala — February 2017

Our trip to Lake Atitlan in February 2017 was amazing.  Due to some back home life events, I didn’t get to write the blogs I had planned for this trip.  I hope these pictures will give you a brief glimpse into life on the Lake and make you want to visit there.

Pana Waterfront
Market in Panajachel (Pana)
View from the home of our rental house owner in San Pedro
Street stalls in Santiago
Statue of Maximon in Santiago
Flooded house on the shores of Lake Atitlan
View from the pier area in San Marcos
Walking a pig in San Marcos
Arriving at the “hippie” village of San Marcos
Inside view of El Artesano restaurant in San Juan
Lunch at El Artesano in San Juan — definitely not typical Guatemalan food
An orange tree growing through a roof in San Pedro
View from pier at San Pedro
San Pedro street view
Drying coffee
A market stall in San Pedro
Wash day
View of the Lake from our rental house in San Pedro
Patiently waiting for a break in the road construction between San Pedro and San Juan
View of the Lake & Volcanos
Hand dyed yarns in San Juan
Lunch being grilled in San Pedro