Off Grid at Dead Bear Bay Outpost (Lake Kipawa, Quebec)

After our roadtrip through Michigan, we spent a week at Dead Bear Bay Outpost on Lake Kipawa.  The cottage aka outpost is part of Miwapanee Lodge but a 25 minute boat ride from the main lodge.  The closest cottage is outside the bay, about a kilometre away.

Although the cottage is very well outfitted, we still had to have the lodge owner ferry a bunch of stuff into the cottage for us, including Lisa and me.  Lisa is Al’s sister; Lisa and her husband Pierre spent the first 4 days of the week with us.  Al and Pierre came in on the fishing boat that we rented.img_3651

I won’t give you my usual blow by blow of what happened during the week.  Let’s just say it’s a great place to have some rest, relaxation, fishing, food and a little drinking.  I would highly recommend it.img_1369

One of the things that makes this cottage is that it’s off-grid.  Power is by solar and wind turbine.  There is an indoor washroom but also a very clean outhouse.  There is a TV if you want to bring DVDs.  Cell coverage can be spotty but there is a booster in the cottage that helps.img_3629

If you’re an angler, Lake Kipawa is great for walleye and lake trout.  It’s situated about an hour east of North Bay, Ontario just inside the Quebec border and not far from Temiscamingue.  Just a side note that if you need to pick-up beer on your way to the lake, your best bet is Stop 102 in Temiscamingue.  While you’re stopped there, you can run into Pronature to get your fishing licences.img_3582

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