A Day Trip Along Ontario’s Highway 101

After we left Manitoulin Island and got our second vaccinations, we had 14 days before we could enter Manitoba due to COVID restrictions and continue our travels west.

Como Lake Resort Waterfront

We stayed three nights at Como Lake Resort about 14 kilometres off Hwy 101 on Esher Healy Road, a gravel road.  Very, very quiet spot.  John and Tracy, the owners, were very accommodating, let us pick our site and were always available to answer our questions or to chat.  The resort offers cabins as well as camping.

John was also helpful in giving us some insight into the best fishing spots on the lake.  The first night we went fishing, Al caught one nice sized walleye, but he released it.  The following day he went fishing on his own while I slept in, and he caught two walleye, which we had for dinner.

Al’s Catch

I had learned from a co-worker that Potholes Provincial Park was a unique spot to check out.  My quick research said it was in Chapleau, but it’s not.  It’s at roughly kilometre 54 on Hwy 101, which means it’s closer to Wawa than Chapleau.  It was the destination of our travels the first day we were at the campground. 

The 300-metre trail was easy enough that Ozzy was able to make it without any difficulties.  Al veered off the path a few times to get some pictures; I stuck to the trail with Ozzy.  The trail was dotted with a few markers explaining what we were seeing.  This picture is of one of the markers and explains the formation of the potholes.

If you visit, there are a few picnic tables if you wish to take your lunch.  Toilets, as well.

On our way to and from Potholes, we drove through The Shoals Provincial Park.  It’s an extensive, 30,000-hectare, park but the camping sites have been closed, and it’s available for day use only.  We drove down a 1.5-kilometre single lane road to get to the Prairie Bee boat launch.  Beautiful spot.  No picnic tables, but there were toilets.

Prairie Bee Lake

Another stop was at Budd Lake, which is at approximately kilometre 71.  Someone had their trailer set up in the clearing taking advantage of Ontario’s crown land camping.

Budd Lake

Despite my calls for “moosey, moosey”, we didn’t see any moose along the way.  We did see some sandhill cranes along the road.  And on Esher Healy Road, a few partridges were wandering along.

The scenery along Hwy 101 is very green, dotted with lots of lakes and swamps.  Plenty of photo opportunities.  It’s sad to see the areas that have been clear cut or burned in forest fires; fortunately, none of these looked recent.

It’s been fun and interesting exploring our own province.  But I will admit, I’ve been looking forward to leaving Ontario and heading west to continue our adventures.

Safe travels.


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